EMN seminar on the introduction of the new legislation on the entry and residence of foreigners

On 19 April, the Czech national contact point of EMN is organising a seminar in connection with the preparation of a new act on the entry and residence of foreigners and the forthcoming digitisation of the residence permit agenda.

The purpose of the new act is to avoid fundamentally changing the current set-up of the immigration system and its basic principles. Limits are also set by EU law in many areas. The new legislation aims, for example, to strengthen the responsibility of entities interested in the arrival and residence of foreigners in the Czech Republic and actively participate in the process of legal migration. Moreover, the legislation includes changes to the registration of EU citizens. However, the key change of the new legislation is the digitalization of residence procedures, which will facilitate the communication of foreigners and other interested parties with the administrative authorities, reduce the administrative burden associated with the use of documentary evidence and generally speed up the immigration process.

During the seminar, representatives of the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior will present the main principles of the proposal, which is currently subject to an inter-ministerial comment procedure. The event organised by the Czech contact point of the European Migration Network is intended for experts from state and non-state institutions, NGOs and academia. 

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